- Gardone Riviera

Villa Alba , imposing neo-classic building with fine architectural details and a beautiful garden.

Giardino Botanico created by Arturo Hruska in 1912. There are more than 2000 different kinds of plants and flower between small rivers and ponds.

Il Vittoriale degli Italiani once home of poet Gabriele D’Annunzio, Il Vittoriale has been built to celebrate eroic ideals. Powerfully evocative and symbolic

- Manerba

Pieve Romanica built in twelfth century, it has paintings of Bertanza.

L’Antiquarium a recent museum built to gather roman age archeological foundings around Manerba

- Moniga

Chiesa di S.Sivino in middle age people were allowed, during a fair, to play gambling inside this church.

Villa Brunati this villa holds many artistical treasures

Castello a rectangular-shaped castle with a 280 meters walls and seven minor towers

- Padenghe

Chiesetta di S.Emiliano a tiny church with a single inner space and small windows

Chiesa Parrocchiale di S.Maria built in 1682. Contains paintings of Paolo Farinati, Zenon Veronese and statues of Antonio Caregari

Castello built at the end of ninth century on the remainings of a Roman fort. A powerful structure that still holds houses inside

- Desenzano

Duomo di S.Maria Maddalena the masterpiece of Todeschini’s architecture. A vaste collection of paintings from Tiepolo to Celesti, Bertanza and Brusasorzi, Cignaroli and Bonvicino

Castello dominating Desenzano from above, it served as protection from various sieges

Villa Romana discovered in 1921 . Colorful mosaics are spread over a surface of 240 square meters, depicting scenes of hunting, fishing and dancing

- Sirmione

Villa Romana this paeninsula looks like a needle on the southern side of the lake. The remainings of this Roman Villa, maybe once property of famous poet Catullo, give the possibility to feel like surrounded by the lake

Le Mura e la Rocca covering the most significant part of Sirmione, this well-preserved fort separates the paeninsula from the main land with a draw bridge

Chiesa di S.Pietro this little church stands on the highest hill of Sirmione



 - Gardaland

One of the largest theme parks in Europe, situated right by the lake, attracts hundreds of thousands of visitors every year. Roller coasters, restaurants, an ice-skate palace and a newly built hotel.

Constantly updating its look and technology.

- Movie Studios Park

On a surface of 150.000 square meters, movie-based attractions for all ages. Terminator and the Blues Brothers, Rambo and Zorro; stuntmen and dancers recreate the most famous scenes from this motion pictures. This park gives you an insight on movie-making industry.


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